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The mission of the New Testament Church is stated when Christ commands the apostles to be a witness for him (Acts 1 :8).
Fairfield's mission/vision correlates perfectly with the mission of the NTC to demonstrate our faith in deeds, not just words.
The NTC mission, structure and function is to obligate ourselves to moving forward on the structure as it has been revealed both biblically and functionally.

Missions Team Purpose

To plan, promote and oversee an annual series of community-wide events designed to Bridge our church to the Community

Evangelism is the process of sharing the gospel with lost persons.
As Christians, we are responsible for sharing the Word with those who have not heard or responded to it.
Our evangelism starts with the communitv-interacting with those who have not made a commitment to Christ or the Church

Magnification Team Purpose

To plan and oversee all Seeker services, special worship emphasis activities, and events to provide music and worship resources to the church.
Worship is an encounter with God designed to meet the needs of the saved and the unsaved.
The purpose of worship is to come before the Lord in obedience to praise Him. to hear from Him, to confess to Him and to commit our lives to Him.
Worship is the next level of commitment.

Membership Team Purpose

To care for the flock.
Fellowship is the building of a caring relationship for one another.
Fellowship helps us to experience Gods' family.
Members have received Christ, been baptized, completed our new membership class 101 (Discovering Self), and signed a membership covenant

Maturity Team Purpose

To lead members to a deeper spiritual commitment and help them develop spiritual maturity. An ongoing commitment to study and follow Christ.
Actively involved in the training of the saints in the work of ministry.
Completion of Class 201 (Discovering Spiritual Maturity) and have signed the maturity covenant.

Ministry Team Purpose

Help transition members into ministers by helping them discover their SHAPE for ministry and guiding them to find either an existing place for ministry or to form a new ministry.
Ministry is SERVICE and a commitment to ministering to others in the name of Jesus.
This level represents the highest level of commitment
Completion of Class 301 (Discovering My Ministry), completing the SHAPE profile, ministry interview, being commissioned as a lay minister of the church, and attending monthly leadership training sessions.

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Seminar 101
Discovering Self, Church Membership
Seminar 201
Discovering Spiritual Maturity
Seminar 301
Discovering My Ministry
Seminar 401
Discovering my Life Mission

This Series of seminars is held the 3rd Saturday of each month at 8:30am
here at the Fairfield Missionary Baptist Church!

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