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       Praying for total deliverance, healing, and the peace of God to cover our families:

                                                                    Elder Dr. Angela Williams father, Bro. Louis
                                                                    Sis. Renee Whittaker
                                                                    Sis. Coshla Thompson
                                                                    Sis. Martha Ward
                                                                    Sis. Dorothy Moody
                                                                    Dad Milton & Mother Shirley McClain
                                                                    Sis. Lovita Pointer-Holmes, daughter & sister of
                                                                    Mother Louise Pointer, & Sis. Lisa Pointer-Jobe
     Sick and Shut-In                                               Bro. Carl Thomas
                                                                    Sis. Valerie Nellis
         Mother Ester Grigsby                                       Sis Lucy Berry Johnson.
         Bro. Flavel Readus                                         Bro. Ricky Berry, son of Sis. Lucy Berry-Johnson
         Bro. J.R. Todd                                             Min. Adrian Robinson
         Bro. Derrick Westmoreland                                  Sis. Chantise Heizer (daughter-in-law of Sis.
         Pastor Silas Gardner                                       Shirley Steele)
         Sis. Geraldine Drummond                                    Bro Charles Smith
         Dad Neal Darby & his  wife                                 Mother Louise  Pointer
         Bro. Kenny "Cat Man" Johnson & wife
         Bro. Terrance & Sis. Ruby Darby
         Bro. Tyrone Clark
         Bro. Leon Lester
         Bro. Howard Taylor & family
         Elder Terrill Packard
         Sis. Josephine Hill
         Bro. Donald Hutchinson, Sr.
         Bro. Basil Awwad
         Sis. Darlene Awwad's brother Jim McKecknie
         Bro. Van Holmes
         Sis. Anita Wheeler
         MIT Dr. Anna Parson
         Bro. Keegan Robinson
         Bro. Damon Washington, brother of Sis. Shirley
         Steele and Sis. & Bro. Carla & Marvin Dillard               Mother Eva Sims in the passing of her sister, Sandra
         Sis. Betty Jenkins                                          "Marie" Alexander
         Bro. Evan Rankins
                                                                     Bro Roger and Elder Danita Taylor in the passing of
                                                                     his Sister-in-law Daphne Taylor

                     Fairfield Missionary Baptist Church, 1004 S. Dickerson Road, Goodlettsville, TN 37072

                                                Howard E. Jones, Jr., Pastor
                                                       (615) 859-7670
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