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            WEEK SEPTEMBER 26, 2022 THROUGH OCTOBER 02, 2022
   Inspirational Verses

    "‘Now listen, you descendants of Abraham! Pay attention, all of you Gentiles who are here to worship God! Listen to this
   message about how to be saved, because it is for everyone. The people of Jerusalem and their leaders didn't realize who Jesus
   was. And they didn't understand the words of the prophets they read each Sabbath. So they condemned Jesus just as the
   prophets had said. They did exactly what the Scriptures said they would. Even though they couldn't find any reason to put
   Jesus to death, they still asked Pilate to have him killed. After Jesus had been put to death, he was taken down from the
   cross and placed in a tomb. 30But God raised him from death! Then for many days Jesus appeared to his followers who had
   gone with him from Galilee to Jerusalem. Now they are telling our people about him. God made a promise to our ancestors.
   And we are here to tell you the good news that he has kept this promise to us. It is just as the second Psalm says about
                                                             MALAK EL HALABI
   Jesus, “You are my son because today I have become your Father.” God raised Jesus from death and will never let his body
   decay. It is just as God said, “I will make to you the same holy promises that I made to David.” And in another psalm it says,
   “God will never let the body of his Holy One decay.” When David was alive, he obeyed God. Then after he died, he was
   buried in the family grave, and his body decayed. But God raised Jesus from death, and his body did not decay. My friends,
   the message is that Jesus can forgive your sins! The Law of Moses could not set you free from all your sins. But everyone
   who has faith in Jesus is set free. Make sure what the prophets have said doesn't happen to you. They said, “Look, you
   people who make fun of God! Be amazed and disappear. I will do something today that you won't believe, even if someone
   tells you about it!” As Paul and Barnabas were leaving the synagogue, the people begged them to say more about these
   same things on the next Sabbath. After the service, many Jews and a lot of Gentiles who worshiped God went with them.
   Paul and Barnabas begged them all to remain faithful to God, who had treated them with undeserved grace. The next
   Sabbath almost everyone in town came to hear the message about the Lord. When the Jewish people saw the crowds, they
   were very jealous. They insulted Paul and spoke against everything he said. But Paul and Barnabas bravely said: We had to
   tell God's message to you before we told it to anyone else. But you rejected the message! This proves that you don't deserve
   eternal life. Now we are going to the Gentiles. The Lord has given us this command, “I have placed you here as a light for the
   Gentiles. You are to take the saving power of God to people everywhere on earth.” This message made the Gentiles glad, and
   they praised what they had heard about the Lord. Everyone who had been chosen for eternal life then put their faith in the
   Lord. The message about the Lord spread all over this region. But the Jewish leaders went to some of the important men in
   the town and to some respected women who were religious. They turned them against Paul and Barnabas and started
   making trouble for them. They even chased them out of this part of the country. Paul and Barnabas shook the dust from that
   place off their feet and went on to the city of Iconium. But the Lord's followers in Antioch were very happy and were filled
   with the Holy Spirit."

   Acts 13:26-52 CEV (Common English Version)
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